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Sunday, February 19, 2012

WHAT makes a  piece of jewelery work?? Here  is a  list of   components that I use to design my jewelry.  I use  a lot of the same principles of Interior Design.  both in  design elements and color elements... I like to use  these shapes: round, square, oblong, flat, these textures:  smooth, rough, shiny, matte, different sizes:
big, medium & small.  If I am using found objects then I would include something old & something new.  If I am feeling really daring I would add some sparkle to the whole piece. 

For color I usually go with an analogous color scheme..(3-6 colors adjacent to a key color with 1 color in common. I try to  use other combos such a complementary but I struggle with them..so I just stick to what I do best... I dress the same way... It is just the way it is....

Here is a little memory wire bracelet and as you can see I have used all oranges, yellows, reds and thrown in some white for contrast.  These are some lampwork beads that I have made.
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