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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Another Christmas has come and gone...where ...o... where did the time go...Not much doing on the glass front here...everytime I want to get some glass stuff done.. I get side tracked.....

Had 3 good days skiing @ Big White with my husband, daughter and grandkids...Was mighty cold but the skiing was fantastic.

Have spent the rest of the time cooking, eating and trying to figure out the Blue tooth phone thing ...as of the 1st of Jan. we must use hands free phones..

Also I have been organizing my pictures that are on my lap-top..seems I have not done anything with them in a couple of years...my New Years resolution is to do them every month and then not have to spend a whole weekend making a mess of them..

We had a Red Tail hawk land in our yard today..my husband took a pic. of him as he was making a meal of a California Quail....Apparently it was quite interesting.. I will post a pic. him...the bird book says they rarely eat fowl...only rodents...I guess the quail was on the no fly list...!!!
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