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Friday, April 06, 2018

Bead Peeps Swap

 Time for the Bead Peeps Swap post...    First I would like to thank our hostess Linda Anderson for organizing yet another wonderful hop..
  I received my fabulous beads from Shaiha Williams of AlchemeeDesigns.com and  shailasramblings.com..   Totally thrilled with the section from Shai.  I have never worked with sari silk before so it was a challenge to be sure.. Loved the colours.

This is what Shai sent me:

Here is what I sent Shai
Now for what I made

Didn't quite get all the beads used but I do have plans for them..  Hope you love the pieces !!                
                      Having trouble with my lap top  will try  and fix the list later.
PARTNER LIST                                                         

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Monday, January 15, 2018

Here is a little bit about my likes, dislikes, etc
My goal for 2018 is to update my jewelry style with new techniques which I have been learning last year - I have a few new ideas in mind  (also to get a new lap-top  mine does not do the period much anymore as you will notice in my typing)

Last year was a big teaching year - so many people wanted to learn new things
My fav things to work with -  glass & metal
Least fav things are probably seed beads  although I do use a few of the larger ones to use as spacers
My personal style clothing wise is leggings, jeans  chic casual
I got into jewelry as a way to use my own glass beads that I make in my studio  with glass from Murano, Italy -- also I have a great collection of vintage jewelry from my Grandmother
My jewelry style is whimsical, boho, asymmetrical for the most part
My fav colours are turquoise, lime green, teal  or second fav has to be pink, purple, orange together
Fav mediums: glass, metal
Fav metals:  copper, silver plate, sterling silver
Thing that I would rather not work with:  seed beads
I make most of my own components---- such a satisfying thing to do !!!

There you have it ----hope I have covered all the points !!

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 Can't believe it has been almost a year since I last wrote   A very busy year teaching at my studio at the Rotary Centre for the Arts, a few shows, cleaning up our cabana down at the lake which was full of mold after the lake came up about 6 feet higher than normal (we lost our dock in the whole process)  A trip to Laos, Vietnam & Cambodia in the fall.

We have had a crummy winter so fall.  Lots of snow and roads covered with ice 

The deer have  finished off our cedar hedge nothing left of this hedge now   It is such a problem..nothing seems to keep them out   they are so hungry  with snow covering everything.
Looks like it is time for the annual Bead Peeps Swap N Hop...
which I  am totally up for !!!

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