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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Happy Boxing Day!!!

Big news from the Torch Fairy. I am so very pleased to announce that I am taking my little business to the next level by adding an online purchase option.

Gearing up for a new year here at the studio, I now have a new SHOP! Items will be added regularly so check back often. You just click the My Shop link at the right and get started.

I also will be updating the site more often as a New Year's resolution.

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Monday, November 26, 2007

Can you believe it.. it's been almost a year since I last posted something...actually it was my computer whiz daughter who did it all for me and now I am trying it on my own.. I've been busy in the studio..making glass beads, doing some silversmithing (by trial & error mostly, and a few good books to help me.. Anyways, I will try & post some pics of what I am doing...We have opened an Etsy Shop to flogg our wares.. my daughter does children's clothes made from hemp, also a home line ..napkins,and the coffee-cozy.. a re-usuable sleeve for your take-out coffee..(more on that later)
...I may be snowed in by tomorrow & have lots of time in the studio
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