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Thursday, March 16, 2017

My beads are here!!!! 
And what a fantastic selection was sent by Robin Kae Reed... Just like Christmas opening her parcel...I can hardly wait to get started designing with them.  Already have lots of ideas... Everything will have to  be BIG and Bold.. Some seriously big fabulous pieces of gemstone beads...

Let the fun begin !!
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Saturday, March 11, 2017

Hello friends... I have been so busy teaching at the  Rotary Centre for the Arts that I have had hardly any time to write..  The weather has not been great..
Lots of snow this year and the deer problem is still going on!! They are bound and determined to get in our yard.
Just waiting for my package to come from Robin Kae Reed... then to get busy designing my pieces for the Bead Peep Swap...I know I will get some lovelies from Robin.. judging from her fab work...
Had 2 lovely ladies for my stained glass mini workshop this morning and getting ready for my mosaic class Monday night.. still have 1 space left if any wants to come!! Follow Me on Pinterest