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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Here are the pics of bead soup that I sent to Bonnie

They arrived today..... Yeah!!!!! only took 1 week...

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Monday, January 30, 2012

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

WOW.....just finished my bead soup package to send to my partner Bonnie.......
as usual I agonized  over my final selection.... .....I  looove   making     glass beads....fused glass pendants, plates, etc.  .. shiny,  smooth glass... some matte glass.. love the sparkly stuff too.  Hope she likes the goodies I sent!!!

These funny little birds were flying around our house the other day trying to keep warm & eating the insects around the base of the house.  I think they are red-wing black birds.. It was about 19 degrees belown zero & there was snow on the ground... so these little guys were hungry!!!

Ventured out to the post office to mail out the package...  it was   snowing again.
Looks like we are in for some snow & high winds...Will be glad when January is finally  over in another week.... it's always a let down after the Christmas holidays...  We'll be off skiing for a few days... time for some outdoor activity although we have been going for lots of walks & hikes... Follow Me on Pinterest

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Just making a few more focal beads so I can complete the set that I have in mind for my ..bead swap partner...  I have an idea of what I want to send her.

IT'S 16 below zero... (and going down to -19 tonight) that's centigrade.. that is
2 degrees in farhenheit.. it's pretty darn  COLD..  had to venture out  today
to pick up some more propane and glass rods...  all in all the roads were O.K.  & after driving in Montreal & Toronto in the winter it is a piece of cake here... especially with snow tires on... 

Am going to hunker  down tomorrow as the high is going to  be   -14...   a good time to  spend on the torch plus it adds some heat to the house... a whole   day spent in  in the studio will be fab!!!!! Follow Me on Pinterest

Sunday, January 15, 2012

I am so excited.... I won a spot on the   " Bead Soup Blog Party"  Also my partner is in Canada...so that makes it so much easier to mail my " Bead Soup Mix"

Bead Soup Blog Party
I've got some focals in mind.... just  can't decide what colour palette to go with..
Think I will make a nice sterling silver clasp to go with the beads.... Follow Me on Pinterest

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Been working on making some new bead designs... I am going to call them my water-colour series.... very pretty...  white background with soft greens, turquoises, pinks, mauves, oranges.... I will take some pictures of them when the sun comes out & I can get some good shots.

Have been doing some snowshoeing (Santa brought us our very own snow shoes this Christmas) & hiking in the hills above Kelowna... We are very short of snow this year..so more hiking than snowshoeing.... We just drive about 5 minutes up the mountain in the back of us.... & there we are...miles & miles of hiking trails.... Now that the bears all are hibernating..no fear of running into them....My goal this year is to do more outdoor things.... I get busy working in my studio & it is so fab that I don't want to go out....WE are awaiting more snow on the local ski hill as there are too many rocks sticking up to try & trip me!!!
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I've entered a contest..well..not really a contest... it's a bead exchange where someone sends me beads, etc.  & I send another person some beads, etc. then we all make something out of our "stash" ..post it in our blog.... & see what we all come up with.... Fantastic idea......... I am just trying to figure out how to add the
"bead soup badge" to my page here... I am going to have to get my fab. daughter
to help me....as I am somewhat techno challenged when it comes to doing anything like that....cutting, pasting, copying, etc. is a bit beyond me......looking forward to see if I get picked!!!!

In the mean time here is the  www.prettythingsblog.com/p/bead-soup-blog-party.html      for Lori's blog & all things bead-soupy!!!!
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