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Friday, March 30, 2012

Well..I'm back home and itching to get back to work... all things glass of course..
had a great time skiing in Whitefish, Montana and even got some ideas for some kids classes....  But before  I left I was contacted by a  school teacher and she wants me to do a glass fusing pendant class for her grade 1's & grade 2's... I said YES..    I would love to do that... kids are so creative & it's amazing at what they come up with.... So that fits in with what I learned about the classes in Montana!!
Anyway right in Whitefish.. there is an Art Studio for the community... they do workshops on painting, pottery, ceramics, and glass fusing.  So I gathered a few ideas there!!!!  Maybe I  will even offer the glass fusing classes in my studio @ the R.C.A.
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Saturday, March 17, 2012

  •            PAY IT FORWARD.......
  • .
  • I'm sure most of you have heard of the concept of paying it forward.  Someone does something ncie for you and you in turn do something nice for someone else. (without expecting anything in return)  I think this kind of giving is the ultimate example of good Karma and the Golden Rule.  I really like giving something away..
  • I have given many stained glass  art pieces to my husband's  Rotary  Club   to  be auuctioned off.  It  feels great to be able to that.     

I am playing with www.Dillman'sDallies.blogspot.com    can't wait till I see what she sends me!!!
  •           PAY IT FORWARD. 

Here's how to play:
1. I'll make something hand made for the first 3 people who comment on this POST..What I make  will be a surprise & will arrive when you least expect it. 
                        Doesn't everyone Love a surprise??
2. I have 365 days to make & send the gift to you.  Here's the little catch- to get a handmade gift from me, you have to play too!!  This means you take the pledge to send something to 3 of your  BLOG readers.. (the first 3 to comment)   It just has to be hand made ..       easy peasy!!!
3.  In case it wasn't obvious in # 2, you have to have a BLOG.
4.  Once you comment here & get a confirmation from me you have to  POST about
   "PAY IT FORWARD"    on your BLOG  and keep it going!!!!
Be sure to give me your e-mail if it is NOT LINKED on your BLOG  !!!!
                      I will e-mail you to get your address..

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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Well... I am now back from Montreal... after looking after the Grandkids for their spring break.... so now I am playing catch-up ... will try & visit some of the Bead Soup Blog Party blogs.... may take me awhile... but will do my best... 
Had a great time in Montreal  with the Grands... & did all the kid things that Montreal has to offer... was super easy to get around Montreal on their Metro system.... & the weather even co-operated with us & was great!!!!  My husband took the kids to a Montreal - Toronto hockey game & my daughter  & I went out to dinner.... how great was that!!! Follow Me on Pinterest

Saturday, March 03, 2012

Here's the Bead Soup that I got from my partner Bonnie:

   www.jasper-moon.ca   the beads that I received from Bonnie were:
Lampwork beads.. 1 large focal & 2 matching beads,   tiny  black Swarovski bicone crystals, large black faceted beads. Lots of green rondelles.  Carved bone beads in cream & finally a silver square toggle!!!!  I have never worked with bone before so I was delighted to have a chance to incorporate them into  the piece!!  I had a vision in my mind of what I was going to do after thinking about it for a long time... I basically put them on the bead board & went from there... 

I  strung the main strand which includes the lampwork beads on some black steel wire (which I am loving to use at the moment) made a loop on each end to attach the diamond shape hematite chain to & also to attach  the smaller strand of rondelles,  carved bone beads, Swarovskis (also on black steel wire). I then wove some cream ribbon in the chain to pick up the cream colour in the carved bone!!!  I love how the hematite chain reflects the light.. I added some silver bead caps to the ends of the black faceted beads to add a little sparkle, they also pick up th silver colour in the square toggle.

This design is very fancy for me & something I have  not done before.  I usually do very simple designs,  but I would definitely consider making more of the same... I love the colours and black is always a welcome addition to the piece for a little  "POP".
Laying out a  design

the finished necklace

the earrings are a real deviation for me. I usually only use 1 or 2 beads, but I have found a new design  & I will definitely be making more of these babies!!!
I just LOVE  how the ear rings turned out

the finished necklace on the manekin.... It sits very well around the neck!
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To see more of the talented participants in this event you can check out this post (the list is down at the bottom!) Follow Me on Pinterest

Thursday, March 01, 2012

Here's a new design that I have been working on!
Steel wire from the hardware store no less...
A new bail idea also... called a tong bail... I can see endless oportunity for uses for this one!!
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