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Monday, December 30, 2013

Fun thing to do with Pennies

 Did this project with my Grandkids... ages  11 & 13...A fun thing to do with all those pennies.

You will need pennies (of course)  an anvil (or something flat that is metal) a hammer, some metal letters for stamping (I purchased these at an automotive supply store.. super cheap... 1/8 " in size... extra fine steel wool,  jump rings, copper chain for the necklace... Dremel drill with a 1/16" bit for drilling metal (purchased the bits at the same automotive store.. super cheap)

 Smash the penny with the hammer until very thin..  Stamp with the letters.... initials, etc.  drill hole in top... if the hole is a little rough around the edges use an emery board nail file to smooth out... Make shiny with the steel wool... add the jump ring and chain... voila... a fabulous pendant.                                 

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Sunday, December 15, 2013

Holiday Glass

Back to writing after my computer crashed and my brother-in-law spent 8 hours fixing it!!  Now my cursor jumps all around when I type....  Grrrrr!!!
Just about finished fusing all the Christmas trees and pendants for all the
workshops that I have given the past few weeks. ....  Lots of prep work and finishing work to add the bails & neck cords... 
One more class this week ... Mosaics at the Mental Health Drop in Centre.... should be fun!!
 Christmas presents all done!!    Just some baking to do... made some Blueberry Tarts... ate ALL the blueberry tarts......Oh Well...back to the store for  some more pastry shells...
Here's a pic of some of  my knitted wire jewellery!!!  A fabulous new repertoire for me to add to my can do list!!!
You can add any kind of beads, semi-precious stone chips, pearls, etc.
Have started a Bead & Bitch group with my Walking Ladies group!!
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Monday, November 25, 2013

It has definitely been a long time since I last posted.. a lot of things have happened since then.   My dear Mother passed away rather suddenly at the age of 88..you just know that time will come but are still not prepared for it. She was a very sweet person and is missed greatly... She was also a favorite in the home where she lived...
After Mom's Celebration on Life my husband and I when on a 2 week trip to Russia... Had a fabulous time....St. Petersburg & Moscow were amazing... in between the 2 cities we got to see how the ordinary people live....We are so fortunate here where we have all the necessities at a reasonable cost. Follow Me on Pinterest

Monday, September 09, 2013

It certainly has been a few months since I last did a blog entry!!  summer has come and gone (well, mostly)  It was a very busy summer with the Grandkids here for 5 weeks.... I had a few Art Glass Panel shows so was busy creating most of the summer!!  Participated in ART WALK up in Lake Country this past weekend...  had a great time!!  I am now a member of My Studio...( still have my studio with Janet Stein... the fabulous jeweller!!!)  
Want to branch out a little.... Lots of opportunity with "My Studio"  which is in the R.C.A. but on the main floor...It consists of many different types of artists..so lots of inspiration!!

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Sunday, May 26, 2013

 This sweet little buck was having a rest in front of the Japanese Maple in my garden this afternoon!  He didn't seem to be too afraid of me!
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Friday, April 26, 2013

7th Bead Soup Blog Party Reveal

Time for Bead Soup Blog Party reveal!!  A big thank you to Lori Anderson for hosting the fabulous party!!

I want to thank my Soup partner Kristina  at peacockandlime for the awesome selection of beads and findings.
My first challenge making this sweet spring necklace was how to use the lovely little sparrow bird.  After thinking for a few minutes I knew it would look great on a green glass background.  I used some new glue that you just heat up with a heat gun!!  Presto it is securely fastened.. want to move it.. no problem..just heat up again.  attached the bail the same way.  I used black linen yarn for the neck cord..Love the antique silver Bali style tubes.  Bead dangles hanging from chain give the piece some length.  The antique silver clasp finishes off the necklace and gives a nice cohesive look!!
Here is a closer look at the focal piece.
The next piece that I designed uses natural linen yarn..I made a clasp out of black steel wire..hammered flat, added 2 smaller antique silver tubes (from my stash) at the top to make some nice loops for the jump rings and clasp that I made. 
I made a black steel wire abstract bead dangle to show off the lovely flame work flower bead, added some silver tubes, black seed beads and some rose quartz chips.  I normally do not use natural stone in my designs but  did enjoy the challenge of using them .
Here's a closer look at the bead dangle.. 
Now for some ear rings... I had so many beads left over I just had to make some sweet little ear rings.
Rose quartz, black seed beads, antique silver rose beads
Used the lovely  flame work beads here!!

Still more beads to work with!!
This time I used black elastic to make a very comfortable and easy to put on bracelet.. I just love to wear bracelets and can't leave my house with out sporting  one  on my wrist!! 
The big hole flame work beads work great with this style...Oversize jump rings secure the wire wrap rose quartz chips and black seed bead dangles!!
WOW... I think I have finished... Thanks a bunch Kristina for the great Soup mix that you sent me!!!

Here's the list of all the     participants of bead soup   Please visit them and share your comments..........................
 Here's the soup I started out with!!

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Wednesday, April 03, 2013

starting the mosaic... putting the piece in place

mosaic done by one of my students
almost done

grouting done,  but not polished yet!!
Here are photos of the last class I did.. Tried out a new medium for glueing the glass on a sub-strate.. It is so easy.. no waiting for the glue to dry...One can grout right away.. easy  peasy!!
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What a  fabulous  day weather-wise... went for a walk just before dinner... Could not have been better.. Trying to get in shape for my high  school's 50 year reunion...  where did all the time go... I still am thinking I am 21 years old..
I guess the old adage that you are as young as you feel  is still true!!!!!  Did a big  spring clean up of my studio today... Wow.. the stuff hiding in there... I think if I haven't used it in a year then it should  GO!!  Did some fusing of the pendants that  my   different groups did.. they turned out fab!!  It's a lot of work but worth it to me to be teaching  people the wonder of ART  !!!  no matter if I make any $$ or not!!
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Friday, March 15, 2013

Well...back from my wonderful trip to The Big Island..Hawaii... just fabulous..
On the home front everything took a dive into the toilet.... all my Yahoo e-mail addresses were hacked by Yahoo server... can't even delete mail as my computer just shuts down... I will be getting new e-mail addresses very soon!!
Just have to figure out how I am going to go about all this very distressing situation!! Follow Me on Pinterest

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Saturday, February 23, 2013

 Here is my fabulous bead soup sent from my partner Kristina @  peacockandlime.. I just love the little bird.. I have an idea for the lovely silver barrel beads.... More later!! 
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Here's the Bead Soup that I sent my partner  Kristina at  PeacockandLime.com  ................The emerald green is Pantones colour of the year.  It just happens to be a favorite of mine!!
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Thursday, February 14, 2013

A hint of what I sent to my partner!!

Super excited.... Lori at  Pretty Things sent my partners name last weekend.   After reviewing my soup partners blog and web-site I finally decided what to send her.  It took me a few days to decide.  The lampwork beads are some that I really like making and  favorite colours of mine...  (sent the pkge. off yesterday so she should have it by early next week!!)
 Here's a little hint of the Bead Soup that I sent to my partner  Kristina   over at Peacock and Lime.. I just love the name of her blog, web-site etc.  Those colours are  2  of my  favs.   (peacock , lime)  I sent her a little surprise in those colours...hope she likes it!!

I have been busy making 35 servings of Minestroni Soup  (how fitting... it is a really soupy week!!)  for some of Kelowna's  street kids.  The Boys & Girls Club have a drop in centre down town where they get 30 - 40 kids that drop in for lunch every day.  My husband's Rotary Club is taking turns making soup for them a couple of times a month.  I was quite impressed with  the place.  They also make other food from scratch and teach the kids how to cook!!  I am now donating all my gently used clothing (that is suitable) to the Club...This is something where  we can see ...results.... in our own city!!

Till next time... ..Happy Valentine's Day
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Monday, February 04, 2013

A fine Fellow

 This fine fellow was sitting in one of our trees yesterday...There seem to be more eagles and hawks flying around our house as of late.  Yesterday I just about hit a deer that jumped out in front of my car.  Stopped just in time!!!
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Monday, January 28, 2013

Just got back from teaching some more Wire Art Jewellry.  I've taught quite a few classes this January... had some really great "Girls Night Out" parties.  I love doing this... so many talented gals out there.
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Friday, January 25, 2013

Just signed up for the 7th Bead Soup Blog Party... so much fun... can't wait to hear who my partner might be.... busy making some  awesome beads to send. Follow Me on Pinterest

Wednesday, January 02, 2013

History of glass

A short history of glass:   It's been said that human-made glass first appeared in ancient Mesopotamia, around 3000 B.C.  where glass fusion was used for constructing tools.  Another story says that the Phoenicians are credited with this amazing discovery according to Pliny the Elder.  The legend states that some Phoenician seamen set about the task of preparing the evening meal.  Being unable to find rocks to set their cooking pots on they obtained some cakes of NATRUM (sub-carbonate of soda)  from the ships cargo & placed their pots on them which were sitting on some sand on the beach.  The heat from the fire caused  the Natrum & sand to melt.  This made a stream of unknown fluid, which hardened into a transluent substance later known as.... GLASS...  Sounds good to me!!
Glass has no definite melting point or freezing point...... As you heat glass, it becomes more fluid, and as it cools, it becomes increasingly rigid.  It is now considered to be a supercooled liquid..at room temperature it acts as a solid. 
Just think of all the items that we take for granted that are made out of      GLASS  

Whatever the source of invention, by Roman times, works of fused and sculpted glass were a prized possession.  Today, you can find glass artists all over the world, be  they stained glass artists,  flameworkers  (glass bead makers), fused (kiln-fired pieces) glass artists, glass blowers or any other form of glass artist...   I am very fortunate and  lucky to be able to satisfy my artist side by doing the things I love!!  
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