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Friday, March 20, 2015

Back from holidays.. seems like I was away forever...Did some glass rod shopping while in Toronto, also went to BeadFX to pick up some more black and silver rat tail....  also picked up a nasty cough (everyone says it is the flu) while in Toronto..  Didn't have the right clothes (frozen and I don't mean the picture) for the Montreal and Toronto part of it and as usual I took too many hot weather things to wear in Mexico... but a good time was had by my daughter and our 2 grandkiddos... My granddaughter was smitten with the red macaws that were in the resort.  There were about 6 pairs of them.
I am now waiting for some inspiration to strike me, maybe I should just do a studio clean.  That usually helps as I find stuff that I haven't seen in months or maybe years !!!!

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