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Craft Booth Set up

Here  are a few shots of my craft booth set up.  I have pretty much got it the way I want it but that doesn't mean that I won't change it... I am always working on it and revising it.  I like the simplicity of the set-up.  I love the look of burlap so I covered quite a few picture frames with the burlap. I painted them black to frame the burlap.  Also you can easily stick pins, hooks, etc. in the burlap to hold your necklaces, etc.

Depending on the space I have I can go from 4 feet ( which this table is)  6 feet (table not shown) or combine the 2 tables to have 10 feet.  I can adjust them accordingly in my 10' x 10' tent.
I have a number of black  velvet backgrounds  to show case my jewellery depending if the jewellery is dark or light coloured.  Otherwise I use the burlap. depends which looks better.

large tins covered with burlap, topped with a plate glass shelf, this adds height for visual interest.
I found this old screen a long time ago.. it is light and I made wire hooks to hold my burlap frames,  which can be placed anywhere, depending on my space.  The screen does need to be stabilized so I always put it behind the table so it won't get knocked over.
I use a large piece of white fabric and then cover it with this pale lavender crepe fabric to add some colour variation.  You could change this colour to suit your type of sale.
This is Zelda, I sometimes bring her along.  I can pin a ton of pieces on her.  I also covered her in burlap.
Ideally you should have your pieces at eye level.. customers don't typically look down.  If space if limited going up vertically is always good too.
If you have any questions please e-mail me...  beads.bits.baubles@gmail.com

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