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Monday, March 17, 2008

Another fabulous day in paradise!!!!! Have been really busy making art glass panels as you can see by my NEW flickr account which my very talented daughter did for me........now I just have to remember how to use it..which is quite a challenge for me....I have 2 more panels to put together and then plan on spending some time at the torch to make some beads...have some orders for earrings and such..will post some jewellery stuff when I get some more things made...
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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

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Purple Rain

This is one of my latest creations that I am submitting into a competition. It was a very challenging piece. Hence the lack of posting on here. Now I am all back up and running and will continue to update this blog thing on a more regular basis. (Does this sound familiar?...) Follow Me on Pinterest
Can't believe it's March already..I've been to Mexico for a bit of a holiday...fun & sun.. skiing has taken up some time..the snow is fantastic!!! Also been working on a large panel & delivered it today. will try & post a pic. of it and some pics of my latest works..I finally got out the torch yesterday and made some beads...have to get going and make some more bracelets...Only have 2 months to work before we are off to England, Scotland & Ireland...well someone has to do it....
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