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WELCOME to my BLOG....

About Me

Well..here goes... I will try  and  give the short version of my very blessed life.. I have lived in Vancouver,  Calgary, Montreal, Toronto, Montreal , Toronto and finally here in  Kelowna, B.C.  All in that order..

I have always been  'Artsy'.   I started off by learning the craft of stained glass in Montreal.
I like to call it 'Art'  glass, I then progressed to fusing glass, (Toronto)  making jewellery and small bowls, plates, etc.  Then I took a course making glass beads, (Kelowna)  also known as lamp working or flame working...I love all things glass..  I also do a lot of  thrifting  to find vintage jewellery pieces which I then take apart and remake into fabulous pieces which include my original glass beads.

I have two grown children, one son and one daughter,  one husband of many years  and two fabulous grandkids.

I do mosaic workshops at  the Canadian Mental Health drop in Centre... and do jewellery & mosaic workshops at a variety of seniors homes. 

I am very blessed to be living in the wonderful Okanagan  where I get to have beautiful scenery around me all the time..  We have deer roaming thru our yard, the odd coyote,  and bob cat too.  Eagles, osprey, hawks and owls flying over head and occasionally landing  in our yard.
I  belong to a ladies walking and hiking group, a great bunch of gals.
I like to snow ski, wakeboard  and ride my bike...Also like to travel to exotic places!!!
It's not  hard to get inspired as inspiration is all around me.
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