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Monday, December 30, 2013

Fun thing to do with Pennies

 Did this project with my Grandkids... ages  11 & 13...A fun thing to do with all those pennies.

You will need pennies (of course)  an anvil (or something flat that is metal) a hammer, some metal letters for stamping (I purchased these at an automotive supply store.. super cheap... 1/8 " in size... extra fine steel wool,  jump rings, copper chain for the necklace... Dremel drill with a 1/16" bit for drilling metal (purchased the bits at the same automotive store.. super cheap)

 Smash the penny with the hammer until very thin..  Stamp with the letters.... initials, etc.  drill hole in top... if the hole is a little rough around the edges use an emery board nail file to smooth out... Make shiny with the steel wool... add the jump ring and chain... voila... a fabulous pendant.                                 

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Sunday, December 15, 2013

Holiday Glass

Back to writing after my computer crashed and my brother-in-law spent 8 hours fixing it!!  Now my cursor jumps all around when I type....  Grrrrr!!!
Just about finished fusing all the Christmas trees and pendants for all the
workshops that I have given the past few weeks. ....  Lots of prep work and finishing work to add the bails & neck cords... 
One more class this week ... Mosaics at the Mental Health Drop in Centre.... should be fun!!
 Christmas presents all done!!    Just some baking to do... made some Blueberry Tarts... ate ALL the blueberry tarts......Oh Well...back to the store for  some more pastry shells...
Here's a pic of some of  my knitted wire jewellery!!!  A fabulous new repertoire for me to add to my can do list!!!
You can add any kind of beads, semi-precious stone chips, pearls, etc.
Have started a Bead & Bitch group with my Walking Ladies group!!
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