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Friday, April 26, 2013

7th Bead Soup Blog Party Reveal

Time for Bead Soup Blog Party reveal!!  A big thank you to Lori Anderson for hosting the fabulous party!!

I want to thank my Soup partner Kristina  at peacockandlime for the awesome selection of beads and findings.
My first challenge making this sweet spring necklace was how to use the lovely little sparrow bird.  After thinking for a few minutes I knew it would look great on a green glass background.  I used some new glue that you just heat up with a heat gun!!  Presto it is securely fastened.. want to move it.. no problem..just heat up again.  attached the bail the same way.  I used black linen yarn for the neck cord..Love the antique silver Bali style tubes.  Bead dangles hanging from chain give the piece some length.  The antique silver clasp finishes off the necklace and gives a nice cohesive look!!
Here is a closer look at the focal piece.
The next piece that I designed uses natural linen yarn..I made a clasp out of black steel wire..hammered flat, added 2 smaller antique silver tubes (from my stash) at the top to make some nice loops for the jump rings and clasp that I made. 
I made a black steel wire abstract bead dangle to show off the lovely flame work flower bead, added some silver tubes, black seed beads and some rose quartz chips.  I normally do not use natural stone in my designs but  did enjoy the challenge of using them .
Here's a closer look at the bead dangle.. 
Now for some ear rings... I had so many beads left over I just had to make some sweet little ear rings.
Rose quartz, black seed beads, antique silver rose beads
Used the lovely  flame work beads here!!

Still more beads to work with!!
This time I used black elastic to make a very comfortable and easy to put on bracelet.. I just love to wear bracelets and can't leave my house with out sporting  one  on my wrist!! 
The big hole flame work beads work great with this style...Oversize jump rings secure the wire wrap rose quartz chips and black seed bead dangles!!
WOW... I think I have finished... Thanks a bunch Kristina for the great Soup mix that you sent me!!!

Here's the list of all the     participants of bead soup   Please visit them and share your comments..........................
 Here's the soup I started out with!!

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Wednesday, April 03, 2013

starting the mosaic... putting the piece in place

mosaic done by one of my students
almost done

grouting done,  but not polished yet!!
Here are photos of the last class I did.. Tried out a new medium for glueing the glass on a sub-strate.. It is so easy.. no waiting for the glue to dry...One can grout right away.. easy  peasy!!
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What a  fabulous  day weather-wise... went for a walk just before dinner... Could not have been better.. Trying to get in shape for my high  school's 50 year reunion...  where did all the time go... I still am thinking I am 21 years old..
I guess the old adage that you are as young as you feel  is still true!!!!!  Did a big  spring clean up of my studio today... Wow.. the stuff hiding in there... I think if I haven't used it in a year then it should  GO!!  Did some fusing of the pendants that  my   different groups did.. they turned out fab!!  It's a lot of work but worth it to me to be teaching  people the wonder of ART  !!!  no matter if I make any $$ or not!!
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