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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Here are some things that I consider when I am designing a piece of jewellery.

The Line of the piece:  How does it fit the body, where will it sit? What length will it be?
Colour: I use colour to convey & create emotion

Shape:  will the shape or style work with the beads that I have chosen?  Is it pleasing or interesting... Usually when I look at a the pieces that I have lain out I know instantly whether I like it or not...Don't ignore those little feelings of doubt.

The value  (or lightness or darkness) of the chosen beads:  how light or dark is the piece.. do all the beads work with each other?? Is there light , medium,  dark.. parts ..  crystals,  silver, gold,    create a bit of tension in the piece.

Texture:  Is there texture on the surfaces of the beads?  smooth, rough, carved, shiny, matte, or  faceted.

Of course a piece does  not have  to have all the above mentioned inclusions.. Shapes can be repeated.  Once the eye sees a shape, if the shape is repeated it makes the eye more comfortable.. I like at least 3 repeats... I most always go for the number 3 in my designs...

A focal bead is used to draw the eye in and the beads surrounding the focal showcase the focal..

Add some zing to your designs by using some decorative head pins, adding some black to the mix... I also like to add some silver colour,  by using bead caps or silver spacers Follow Me on Pinterest

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