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Saturday, December 26, 2015

Wow .... I certainly have not been taking care of my blog lately.  I did so many shows this fall I kind of forgot all about my blog.... Hope 2016  (gosh  that sounds strange to say) is a more productive year !!

I've changed the name of my Etsy Shop to: 

 it just seems a more fitting name as it kind of says what I sell.
I've been busy in the studio working on  some orders, making some more lamp work beads as I was getting really low on beads.... and making a new wine bottle Charmer...  also made some fabulous cake testers out of stainless steel which were a BIG hit at my shows.   Here are some some pics ... 

Wine Charmer....  give to your hostess on bottle of wine  or keep for your self & hang in the window!!

Cake Testers   could also be used for Hair Sticks !!

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