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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Been working on making some new bead designs... I am going to call them my water-colour series.... very pretty...  white background with soft greens, turquoises, pinks, mauves, oranges.... I will take some pictures of them when the sun comes out & I can get some good shots.

Have been doing some snowshoeing (Santa brought us our very own snow shoes this Christmas) & hiking in the hills above Kelowna... We are very short of snow this year..so more hiking than snowshoeing.... We just drive about 5 minutes up the mountain in the back of us.... & there we are...miles & miles of hiking trails.... Now that the bears all are hibernating..no fear of running into them....My goal this year is to do more outdoor things.... I get busy working in my studio & it is so fab that I don't want to go out....WE are awaiting more snow on the local ski hill as there are too many rocks sticking up to try & trip me!!!
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