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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Incredible adventure SWAP N HOP

Just received my congratulations  e-mail that I am officially in the
                                          SWAP N  HOP
So totally excited... I just Love exchanging beads with others and making new bead friends....it was suggested to list  the 5 things that are important to  match me with my partner and for my partner to select my beads. So here goes !
1: I started out doing stained glass in Montreal, Quebec and  took many courses & got good at it,  then moved to Toronto, Ontario and decided I would like to try my hand at glass fusing, after all it is still glass.. Then I moved to Kelowna, B.C. and fell in love with glass bead making at the torch... Of course when making all these beads I had to do something with them.  I have quite a collection of vintage jewelry (and love to thrift for special pieces). I then came up with the brilliant idea that I could incorporate  my lampwork beads into pieces with my vintage jewelry.
2:  I usually make simple necklaces with 3 or 5 pieces dangling off a single chain  (however I did do some very involved pieces when I took part in Bead Soup Blog Hop)  Here's one of them... also in the colours that I love.

Here's one with my lampwork bead
3:  I like to use what ever I have on hand:  silver plate,  especially love copper, brass, black wire, etc. I can usually work with anything & like a challenge.
4:     I   like hand forging pieces of wire to make unique clasps, wire wrapping,  jump rings,  (have never done any bead weaving..too fiddly for me)
  5:  Love analogous colors:  blues, greens, teals or the pinks, oranges, purples
           I love bright, clear  colors and tend to stay away muddy colors..I like my
           jewelry to  POP  !
So that's it... if you scroll down thru my blog you will see the colors I use.

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