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Monday, January 05, 2015

Easy DIY Recycled Jewelry Display

Here's a fabulous jewelry display that I just completed. Thrifted a revolving spice rack (minus the jars, at my local Women's Shelter for $1.00)

Then I used some 2 sided carpet tape  ($1.00 store) to attach some burlap (from some unused burlap bags that were meant for sand bags..when the lake gets too high)

I then sewed the burlap together where it meets on the other side.
All that is needed now are some ribbons of elastic to hold the jewelry cards in place.  I used black elastic and just tied it at the side, but really, anything would do.. like ribbon, wire.  Also you could sew it on as well to have a tidy look.  I like to just tie it on in case I change it up & put ribbon or wire on it.
If you have any questions about this DIY Jewelry display please comment & I will get back to you...  Happy DIY ing!

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