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Sunday, June 03, 2012

Finally finished getting ready for my mosaic session with 129 Grade 5 & 6 students.... Had to drill a hole in 129 pieces of 4" x 6" glass. The old Dremel on the drill press-stand came through with flying colours.. Could not have done it without it!!!
 Just getting the frameless picture frames from all the $ stores in town was a challenge in itself. But I did  learn that I can order them if I have a least 2 weeks lead time.  Oh well..next time!!!!
Cut up 30 pounds of glass into little pieces.  By all my calculations that should be enough glass.   My kitchen scale came in handy to weigh it.  All put into baggies by the colour... Not sure how that will work..  will probably be all mixed up at the end of the sessions... I am surprised that my fingers are still working!!!!  Next came the glue.. My husband had a gallon of Weldbond, so I poured it into 8 smaller squeeze bottles.
Fortunately I am doing each grade on separate days.. I am sure the project will need a bit of tweaking.....Will post some pics. soon!! Follow Me on Pinterest

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