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Friday, April 07, 2017

Bead Peeps Swap & Hop 2017

I know the date says Friday but I actually posted Saturday just after midnight!!

Time has come for the Bead Peeps Swap N Hop  Thanks to our hostess Linda Anderson and all her helpers.

My very gracious bead peeps partner was Robin Kae Reed.. My oh my  she did send me a boat load of fabulous and I do mean fabulous semi-precious stones, metal charms, beads,  etc. and I will let the photo do the rest..  so many lovely things !

the beads I sent to Robin

Robins beads to me

these are the pieces that I made.. I added a few of my hand-made findings as well.
Love these turquoise stones.. my birthstone also..

Large Simple Elegant Stone  a statement piece all on it's own.

These are so cool !

Fab green stone & vintage chandelier crystal
This lock opens using a magnet.. fabulous !
More turquoise stones.. may keep this one for myself !
I think these are called daggers. I combined them with some dark blue crystals..strung on black rubber

I like to do lots of wire work.  That is sort of a signature feature  of mine.  In order to keep this blog short and sweet I  will not got into a lot of detail describing how I made each piece (also I do not know the names of all the stones. 
I tried to use at least a good sampling of the stones, etc. that Robin sent..
   Hope you like all of my pieces.
Linda Anderson (Hostess) http://instagram.com/cherryontopdes...
Hope Smitherman http://CraftyHope.com/

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CraftyHope said...

Heavens! You made so many pieces!! And, they're all so wonderful to boot. I have to say that my favorite of the bunch is the one with the silvertone "dreams" key. I love the blue stone tube, but especially the wirework you added at the top. Awesome-sauce. . .all of it!

fay said...

Thanks Crafty Hope

Robin Reed said...

OMG FAY!!! You did such an amazing job!!! I love all of the designs of course but I do have a couple of favorites!!! The Last necklace with the Banded Agate in Orange and Black, that is beautiful!! I Love the Dreams one,, and , well you get the idea!! Thank you so much for being such an amazing partner!! Be Blessed!

ChristinaMarieH said...

I really like the locket and key necklace, it has a very hidden treasure feel to it.

Becky Pancake said...

HI Fay, WOW! you created a lot with your swap beads. I like turquoise too. It looks wonderful with the lime green accents and copper. The idea that the lock opens is way cool. The dark blue crystals are the perfect accent for the daggers. The pearl fringe looks great with that stone focal.Wonderful designs.

Ginger B. said...

Wow! You created so many pieces. It's great you were so inspired by what you received.

Nelly May said...

Oh my goodness - you created so many beautiful things! You certainly have an eye for tone and balance. Amazing work.

Linda A. said...

Absolutely LOVELY pieces! My favorite is the lock and key....so awesomely creative! You did a fantastic job with each piece!

Divya N said...

You created so many 'key' pieces, they look cool

Robin Showstack said...

Beautiful and simple. Love all the pieces although I am partial to the pair of earrings above the pink flower pair!

Rachel Mallis said...

Really nice work! I think my fav is the way you used the green stone and chandelier crystal!

bairozan said...

All the designs tend to be minimalist but with lots of small details that I love - the wire wrapped dangles, fringes and especially the wire work on the last focal! Oh, and wire bail on the necklace with the silver color key, and the necklace with the crystal dangle, where the cord is also the bail. Marvelous designs!

Inge said...

I love all your pieces. They all look easy to wear. Good job!

freebird7100 said...

You made so many great pieces! I love the last piece. I think the way it lays makes the piece stick out so much. Great pieces, all of them

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