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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

January is almost half over... Have been trying to clean up my studio so that I can post  some pictures of it when it is looking reasonably tidy !!
I've also been web surfing looking at different set ups for taking photos.. After countless configurations  I think I have finally come up with one that I am super pleased with...  Now to find a big piece of very white paper to use as a background.
Found a part of my tri-pod that I forgot I had. A little piece that screws on the bottle of the camera and then just clips onto the tri-pod... LOL   which makes it easier to install & uninstall the camera !! My son had put another piece on the camera when he was taking photography (many years ago) & when he was out this summer I gave it back to him as he is now into photography again. 
This piece makes it so much easier to take pics.
The colour in this pendant is very true to life !!
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