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Sunday, August 30, 2015

New Vintage Goodies

Can't believe August is almost over.  Had a big custom order of 27 hammered pennies with initials on them and a couple with LOVE and a flamework flower on them.  That was a lot of work...especially when I had to clean the pennies when done to get a lovely shine.  Yesterday I went out and bought some Tarn X..just pop the pennies in the solution and presto...nice & clean...easy ..  peasy ..would have saved me an hour at least if I had known about it before..not to mention my dirty fingers....thank goodness for Google !!!

 I did have time last week  to head on down to the Women's Shelter & drop off some stuff and then buy some more vintage jewellery.  I am trying to really stream line my house... We have lived here 16 years now and things do have a way of pilling up !!
These will be taken apart and cleaned shortly... I already have a few ideas in mind.  
I have a date with the Kelowna Farmers & Crafters Market this coming Wednesday from 8:00 am - 1:00 pm...LOL  I am not usually an early riser so it will be a new 'thing' for me... If you are in town drop around to see me !!

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