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Saturday, May 12, 2012

 I have just entered a  EARRING   SWAP... so excited about it........SurburbanGirlStudio..  arranged it.....ART  BEAD  EARRING  SWAP..   so sorry I am not on my own computer so don't know what I am doing  (I am  a  total  computer flunky)  will have to wait till I get home to do the swap badge properly.

I'm in Toronto right now..Not able to upload any pics 
Just took a lamp working class with  Amy Walden-Smith....learned how to use a dual fuel torch.... a new learning  curve for me...  so different.....  I now need to get   a dual  fuel torch.... But  so  much more needs to be done to ensure the safety aspect  of it...  Not impossible.... but  a lot of improvisations in the studio...ventilation  .. etc.  the torch is definitely hotter  &  quieter...  and much faster...  I get to see the beads that I made need week when they mail them to me.  

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